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Considering that healthcare personnel availability depends on different factors such as the size of the center, number of people living in the center, the geographical isolation of the center and funding availability, the concrete project objectives are;

Providing an opportunity to enhance the overview of what EU and the candidate states of EU do, their impact, and other key statistics of the needs of migrants, in order to provide a global picture of migration.

Constituting a stronger knowledge base on migration, including through global research on needs, trends and other common factors of migrants,

Providing an opportunity to further share learning across regions while sharing of learning occurs through national border networks

Improving the skills and knowledge of the trainers who service to solve or reduce the public health issues through more scientific view and understanding,

Contributing to social integration among the migrants and host societies across Europe.

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In-Depth Needs Assessment

Intellectual Output “Innovative Methods of Adult Training on Pretending Vector-Borne Diseases”
Learning, Teaching and Training Activity C1 (Short-term joint staff training event) Trainers Training
Learning, Teaching and Training Activity C2-C3-C4 (Blended mobility of learners) Adult Training on Pretending Vector-Borne Diseases

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