University of Harran (Applicant)

Today's Harran University (HRU), whose history started more than 2000 years ago, was founded in 1992. HRU functions with nine faculties and two colleges offering 44 years of undergraduate degree programs and ten vocational schools that provide two-year associate degree programs. The students in three institutes enroll to get degrees toward master's or Ph.D. levels. Over 1000 faculty members serve in about 70 different departments/programs to a population of 23000 students. HRU hosts the Teknopark AG that takes care of the implementation of research by supporting start-up companies.

HRU also has Migration Policies Implementation and Research Center Directorate for educational awareness and support of immigrants in our university. The aim of the center; to carry out researches, reviews, evaluations, training programs and other studies on domestic, foreign and domestic migration, immigrants and their related historical, political, economic, legal and international relations and sociological and strategic areas.

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Gazi University (Lead Partner)

Gazi University Faculty of Medicine was founded in October 2, 1979. Education was started with seven faculty members, 17 residents and 100 medical students. First students graduated in 1985. A new research and education hospital was opened in 1986. The training block containing modern classrooms and laboratories was opened in 1988. Gazi Hospital outpatient, inpatient units, laboratory, and medical imaging units put into service in 1997. TS-EN-1SO 9001 Quality System Certificate was received in 1998. Clinical Skills Laboratory was opened in order to assist clinical practice.

The National Medical Education Accreditation awarded Gazi Medical School in 2011. Moreover, Department of Public Health at the Medical Faculty in addition to fulfilling its educational duties within the medical curriculum at the faculty, the department also plays important role in serving public health services with last year students in several health clinics in Ankara. Academic staff of the department has served nationally and internationally in advising and managerial posts in public health bodies and matters.

Contact Person from Lead Partner Gazi University
Faculty of Medicine Public Health Department
Prof. Dr. Secil Ozkan
e-Mail: secilozkan70(at)

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Zavod za varno igro

Institute for safe play is a non-profit Institute in Slovenia, who wants to use preventive measures to improve the safety of playground equipment and toys. We want to ensure that children, adolescents, and adults have available safe toys, safe playground equipment, and safe environment for play and work.

As a preventive measure in our Institute, we consider the different learning and motivational activities to encourage learning abilities of our target groups. The trainings, offered by the Institute, are touching topics such as the safety of playgrounds, teaching about the possible dangers in different environments and situations, and the possibility of accident prevention.

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ISKOD Humanitarian Boundaries Protection Association

Humanitarian Boundaries Protection Association is founded in 2016 and currently engaged in activities related to various educational and preventive health services in the health and psychosocial area.

iSKOD has various activities in Sanliurfa together with Provincial Health Directorate and Çukurova University such as preventive health services, education and psychosocial situation analysis. İSKOD is a non-profit making and aim to providing tangible contributions in psychosocial development, preventive health skills, and awareness in many subjects to equip individuals. Each our project is carried out in international standards and humanitarian context.

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The OMNIS Association

The OMNIS Association is a non-profit organization, founded in 2008 with the aim of creating “space” for comparison and exchange between representatives of different ethnic groups here in Umbria. The association’s idea takes shape in a multi-ethnic and multicultural society of the Third Millennium. Since 2010, the OMNIS Association has modified its business, due to a change of leadership. It now devotes itself exclusively to the field of vocational training. To pursue this goal, the OMNIS Association requested and obtained accreditation as a training agency, in the Umbria Region in October 2010. It immediately started to design and plan European training courses and projects. Subsequently, it obtained accreditation in some inter-professional funds for the realization of continuous training courses.

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